Oobi Hand Puppet Twitter Profile

Twitter page
February 24, 2015

@Oobi0081 is a Twitter account whose tweets highlight the adventures of four Oobi-style hand puppets.


The first tweet was posted on February 24, 2015. Photos and tweets were posted regularly from then until December 2015. As of January 2016, updates from the account have become rare.


  • Oobi - A puppet with red googly eyes, who runs the account. He loves coffee.
  • Troy - A blue-eyed puppet who acts as Oobi's rival. He was first mentioned in a tweet, and later featured in photos and polls.
  • Scooby - A green-eyed puppet who occasionally wears a glove. He has been featured in one photo and on the page's banner.
  • Yellow-Eyed Puppet - An unnamed puppet with yellow googly eyes who only appears on the account's banner.


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